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Chilling cookie dough – Prosper

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Why refrigerate chocolate chip cookie dough – or for that make any difference, any simple fall cookie dough – just before baking? Does chilling cookie dough seriously make any difference?

The quick response: certainly, chilling cookie dough prior to baking does make a difference.

But the story guiding that “yes” may possibly surprise you.

I a short while ago examined this question with a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough. Comprehend, while, that these results can be applied to other varieties of basic fall cookie dough: sugar cookies, snickerdoodles…

Initially I baked some of the cookie dough right away, without the need of any chilling.

Then, I place the dough in the fridge and continued to bake cookies about the following 10 days, at routinely spaced intervals.

The end result?

Chilling cookie dough for just thirty minutes can make a significant difference.

The cookies pictured previously mentioned are the exact sizing, weight-smart. But search at the difference in spread – the cookie dough that was refrigerated spread significantly less.

The cookie dough without the need of refrigeration also browned significantly less.

So, the more time the dough is chilled, the far more the cookies alter?

Results: chilling cookie dough via @kingarthurflour

The more time you chill cookie dough, the smaller sized the alterations come to be.

Connect with it the regulation of diminishing returns. The key difference is concerning no chilling at all vs. chilling for thirty minutes. Just after that, the baked cookie continues to evolve – while quite steadily.

Test: chilling cookie dough @ via kingarthurflour

More than time, chilling cookie dough provides cookies with darker color and far more pronounced flavor.

Below you see the commencing and finish of the take a look at: clearly the cookie baked from dough chilled for 10 days spread significantly less, and is darker in color. Its flavor is also far more pronounced our style testers could not detect any certain flavor notice that stood our previously mentioned the rest, but just pointed out that the 10-day cookie “tastes better” than the cookie baked on day #one.

My private evaluation is that the cookies baked right away tasted relatively flat and their texture was comfortable and relatively doughy, without the need of staying chewy. Cookies baked right after chilling the dough (for as minor as thirty minutes) turned chewy, and progressively far more flavorful.

So, what does chilling cookie dough do, just?

one. Chilling cookie dough controls spread.

Chilling cookie dough just before baking solidifies the unwanted fat in the cookies. As the cookies bake, the unwanted fat in the chilled cookie dough normally takes more time to soften than room-temperature unwanted fat. And the more time the unwanted fat continues to be stable, the significantly less cookies spread.

In addition, the sugar in the dough steadily absorbs liquid. If you bake the dough right away, just before sugar has a possibility to take in a lot liquid, that liquid continues to be “free” in the dough, and encourages spread. Consider of this in phrases of skinny vs. thick pancake batter: the far more liquid in batter, the far more it spreads, ideal? Very same with cookies.

Test: chilling cookie dough via @kingarthurflour

That is clean dough, at left a few-day-old dough, at ideal. The more time the dough chills, the drier it becomes.

two. Chilling cookie dough concentrates flavor.

As the dough chills, it steadily dries out, concentrating the flavors of all the components. Consider of watered-down lemonade, vs. lemonade with significantly less water: dull flavor vs. vivid, tangy flavor. Very same with cookies.

A little something else transpires as the dough rests: component of the flour breaks down into its element components, which include a simple carbohydrate, sugar. Therefore, considering that sugar is a flavor enhancer (like salt), the cookies may well style far more flavorful, as effectively as sweeter.

3. Chilling cookie dough alterations texture.

All over again, it’s not seriously the chilling, but the dough steadily drying out, that’s accountable for texture alter. The drier the dough, the far more concentrated the sugar.  And a increased share of sugar generates cookies with chewy/crisp (relatively than comfortable/doughy) texture.

Result: chilling cookie dough @ via kingarthurflour

So, adequate with the science let us take pleasure in one of these clean-baked chocolate chip cookies, shall we? At the finish of the day – or even right after just thirty minutes – there is just practically nothing finer.

Do you have any chocolate chip cookie suggestions to go alongside? You should share in “comments,” down below.

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