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How To Make an Icebox Cake with Graham Crackers & Whipped Product

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Right about the time you pull the white sandals and beach gear out of the closet, huge, easy, and delightful party desserts also arrive into superior style. What are you getting to that family members potluck or graduation party this thirty day period? May possibly I suggest the most straightforward still most spectacular dessert I know? It doesn’t even require an oven!

The icebox cake is a no-bake confection that needs virtually no cooking or baking, and still it yields what you would swear are slices of tender cake levels, filled with ethereal whipped cream and contemporary summer fruit. Come see how to make just one you do not even require a recipe.

How To Make an Icebox Cake: View the Video clip

I grew up in a very substantial family members, as I have advised you ahead of, and so everything in the kitchen area was accomplished on a more substantial scale. We hardly ever produced dessert in pans more compact than 9×13-inches easy, generous dishes had been prized.

I discovered icebox cakes from my mom and grandmother, who the two produced them frequently for huge events — and why not? They feed a crowd, and they’re so easy. You merely layer whole graham crackers (or another crisp, not-far too-sweet cookie) with whipped cream and thinly-sliced fruit. No baking expected.

This may well seem a tiny odd — crunchy graham crackers? Where’s the cake? But which is the genius of the icebox cake. In the refrigerator, the crackers soften just more than enough to be tender and flaky, melding with the cream and fruit into a dessert that resembles a extravagant layered torte, with slim levels of cake.

I adore icebox cakes, in all their Midwestern glory. (I even wrote a cookbook about them, and other no-bake desserts.) I like how the nutty graham crackers distinction with the loaded cream and bright fruit. I look for crackers that are not far too sweet and that have as much whole grain flour as possible. As much as filling goes, pretty much anything at all goes. You can use plain contemporary strawberries and bananas as I do below, or other thinly-sliced gentle fruit, these types of as mangos or raspberries. Or department out from fruit solely and use a tart jam as a substitute.

I also respect that these allow me change just a couple of components into a gloriously delightful and easy dessert for a whole desk of mates — all devoid of turning on the oven. Zero warmth, very tiny operate, a good deal of pleased persons. Isn’t really that the greatest?

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To make an icebox cake, you are going to require graham crackers, contemporary fruit, and weighty cream.

How To Make a No-Bake Icebox Cake

Serves 8 to 10

What You Want


3 1/two cups weighty cream

1/two cup powdered sugar

two teaspoons pure vanilla extract

1/four teaspoon salt

two lbs fruit, peeled and sliced, about four cups

25 to 30 graham crackers, from about four sleeves

two/3 cup chopped nuts or added fruit, to garnish

Stand mixer, hand mixer, or substantial whisk
9×13-inch baking dish
Plastic wrap


  1. Conquer the cream right until it holds stiff peaks: Mix the powdered sugar, vanilla, and salt with the cream in the bowl of a stand mixer (or substantial mixing bowl). Conquer on very low, then superior, right until the cream holds stiff peaks. You can do this with a stand mixer, hand mixer, or whisk.
  2. Divide the cream into four pieces: Use a spatula to evenly divide the cream into 4 quadrants.
  3. Smear a spoonful of cream in the bottom of the baking dish: Smear just a modest spoonful of cream in the bottom of the dish. This will maintain your initial layer of graham crackers in spot.
  4. Address the bottom with graham crackers: Lay down a full layer of graham crackers in the dish, breaking some down the center if necessary to form a full layer.
  5. Unfold whipped cream on prime of the crackers: Gently distribute 1/four of the cream (just one whole quadrant) on the crackers.
  6. Unfold 1/3 of the fruit on the cream: Lay about a third of the fruit (1 1/3 cups) on prime of the cream.
  7. Top with a 2nd layer of crackers: Top with another full layer of crackers, all over again breaking some if necessary to make a layer that suits snugly in the dish.
  8. Top with cream and fruit: Top this 2nd layer of crackers with another 1/four of the cream and another third (1 1/3 cups) of fruit.
  9. Top with a third layer of crackers: Add another full layer of graham crackers.
  10. Top with cream and fruit: Top with another quarter of the cream and the remaining fruit. At this issue you are going to have three levels of graham crackers, three levels of cream, and three levels of fruit.
  11. Top with a remaining layer of crackers and cream: Add a fourth layer of crackers and the remaining quarter of the cream. Unfold carefully or swirl the cream.
  12. Garnish the cake: Sprinkle chopped nuts or fruit on prime of the cake.
  13. Address with plastic wrap and refrigerate: Address loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at minimum two several hours or overnight. The cake is prepared when a knife inserted in the center goes in effortlessly and comes out with gentle crumbs. Refrigerate any leftovers.

Recipe Notes

  • Most effective eaten within two days. It does get soggy just after a lot more than two or three days in the fridge, specifically if very juicy fruit is used.
  • Any type of gentle, juicy fruit is very good. Attempt thinly-sliced banana and strawberries, as revealed below, or kiwi, mango, chopped raspberries and blueberries, or peaches.

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