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Grayson Perry just isn’t greatly acknowledged in The united states, but in his indigenous England, he is a cultural luminary. Following beginning his occupation as an artist specializing in ceramics in the early ’80s, he spun off into other media, appearing on a regular basis on British Television set screens as the matter and — or host of — packages this kind of as Why Guys Use Frocks and All Male.

As those people titles counsel, the subject of masculinity looms substantial in Perry’s public persona. A self-determined transvestite due to the fact his teenage a long time, he is overtly spoken about the pitfalls and misperceptions of becoming a person. That amiable self-examination carries around into his new e book, The Descent of Male — a funny, participating, and at instances penetrating trek by way of the tough landscape of present-day masculinity.

Perry was twelve when he recognized he was captivated to sporting women’s dresses, and he is clever to carry some of that individual point of view into Descent. He punctuates the e book with poignant vignettes he attracts from his existence: how his boyhood teddy bear arrived to represent his budding masculinity, how he hated to consume from plates with floral prints when he was a child, many thanks to a acquired gendering of actuality that trickled all the way down to the evening meal desk, and how his rage problems as a young person experienced roots in rising up with a violent stepfather.

Stories about his transvestitism come into engage in as perfectly. “From a young age I have felt that masculinity is optional for another person with a penis,” he writes. But as with all of his anecdotal asides, he retains them conversational and concise. And he often ties them into the even larger notion: that today’s notions of masculinity are outdated and in have to have of a major overhaul.

When it will come to the moralizing and educational aspect of Descent, Perry just isn’t very as participating. He focuses on four categories — electricity, effectiveness, violence, emotion — to different levels of persuasiveness. His examination of entrenched, white-male privilege dips into the voice of textbooks from time to time, and when he overdoes the quotes from feminists and philosophers, he sometimes seems didactic and dry.

Sensibly, although, he livens up his strategies with wry humor, at 1 stage lumping “evening meal-bash bores” in with sexual intercourse offenders and corrupt politicians on the scale of manly villains, and dwelling on a subject specially near to his coronary heart, clothing. An prolonged riff on the male fascination with the leather jacket is a rollicking, insightful mini-essay in and of alone.

Descent is a slender e book, but it packs a lot of surprises for each website page. Perry veers from delicate satire to sobering investigation to confessional candor, all while hopping among problems of race, course, gender, sexuality, economics, anthropology, sociology, and psychology. As he skims alongside with articulate simplicity, a couple of his observations tumble flat — pointing out that skyscrapers and neckties are phallic symbols just isn’t exactly the slicing edge of social critique — but his humor and humility easy around the bumpy patches. And when he dives into some of his major themes, this kind of as how males unconsciously law enforcement themselves and other males in phrases of their perceived level of masculinity, he does so with a deep empathy.

The e book closes with a temporary, bullet-pointed manifesto of his proposed Men’s Rights. It’s a flippantly tongue-in-cheek checklist — “The proper to be intuitive,” “The proper to be uncertain,” and so on — but its commonsense humaneness is highly effective. There is not a great deal new to Descent, in particular for those people who are predisposed toward Perry’s stage of perspective, and he overtly acknowledges that he may perhaps be preaching to the choir.

His general optimism, although, is infectious — the perception that membership in the human race supersedes membership in any provided gender. On 1 hand, he describes himself with hint of snark as “a doubter at the gates of the crumbling superdome of masculinity,” on the other, he claims, “I produce this e book with goodwill and in the hope that males will learn to flourish in a changing environment.” Not just for their sake, he argues convincingly, but for everyone’s.

Jason Heller is a senior writer at The A.V. Club, a Hugo Award-winning editor and writer of the novel Taft 2012.

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