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What is the Difference Concerning a Sweet Potato and a Yam?

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Sometimes lifetime places you at a crossroads: Do you obtain yams or sweet potatoes? They typically appear identical, but I have uncovered that “yams” can be as small as 79 cents for each pound, though “sweet potatoes” price tag $two.forty nine for each pound. So, what is the difference amongst a sweet potato and a yam? At most grocery merchants, definitely absolutely nothing. It is all a facade! “Most of the so-named yams you see in American grocery merchants are really orange-fleshed sweet potatoes,” describes Mary-Frances Heck, writer of new cookbook Sweet Potatoes (and former BA staffer). The cause for the identify mix-up, she describes, is due to the fact Louisiana sweet potato growers promoted their orange-fleshed as “yams” to distinguish from other states’ create in the 1930s—and it trapped.

The skin of a yam (left) seems to be sort of like tree bark, though a sweet potato (appropriate) is a lot more reddish-brown.

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Genuine yams are solely various root veggies that are a lot more like yucca in texture and taste. They have bumpy, tricky brown skin (that seems to be practically tree trunk-like) with starchy, not sweet flesh. Yams are a lot more effortlessly as opposed to the texture and taste of white russet potatoes (with a lot more fiber and sophisticated carbs) and are best boiled and served together with hearty braised meats. The neutrally-flavored yams are typically utilised in Caribbean or West African cooking, and are hard to come across in the U.S. occasionally you can decide on them up at specialty grocery merchants.

To make lifetime even a lot more sophisticated, there are a handful of types of sweet potatoes: orange, white, and purple. We experienced Heck split down the variances for us.

Orange Sweet Potatoes

cookbook sweet potatp cobb

Sweet potato Cobb salad.

Kristin Teig

These are the sweet potatoes that you roast for food prep, use for Thanksgiving sweet potato pie or marshmallow-topped mashed potatoes, and snack on as fries and chips. They are multipurpose, easy to come across, and the varietals in just the orange-fleshed potatoes are all “very substantially interchangeable,” claims Heck. She notes there will be “delicate variances in taste, sweetness, and humidity” amongst Beauregard (brown skin, a lot more deeply sweet, developed in Louisiana), Garnet (red skin, a lot more like pumpkin taste), and Jewel (coppery-orange skin, mildly sweet and earthy, California-developed).

Heck argues that sweet potatoes should really be your new vegetarian meat substitute due to the fact they “can have spices in a way that other veggies can’t.” Regular white potatoes’ taste would be obliterated by a significant seasoning from Spanish paprika, black pepper, and garlic, but it works completely as a bacon-ish taste in her Cobb salad recipe (pictured earlier mentioned) or with cumin and coriander for tacos.

White Sweet Potatoes


Deal with white sweet potatoes like russets and fry ’em. These types are served with ricotta and scallions.

Gentl & Hyers

White sweet potatoes could appear like russets, but they are loaded with some of the very same fiber and nutritional vitamins that orange sweet potatoes have—though not as substantially beta-carotene. Because they are a tiny drier in texture, Heck implies making use of them for gnocchi so you can regulate the amount of humidity in the dough. For non-pasta programs, Heck claims they go truly properly with vivid, acidic sauces like chimichurri. The texture is a lot more toothsome than mushy when roasted, but if you braise them small and gradual, they finish up currently being silky but nevertheless keep their shape.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Purple potatoes with spicy sambal butter.

Sambal-buttered purple sweet potatoes.

Kristin Teig

Purple sweet potatoes have super amped-up anthocyanins like blueberries, which are fantastic for both equally shade and antioxidants. The North Carolina-developed Stokes varietal are the most well-liked (with a sweet chestnut taste), but you can occasionally come across Hawaiian Okinawan potatoes with purple-speckled flesh that are best boiled full. To stop the shade from bleeding out when cooking, Heck implies roasting, sautéeing, or frying purple sweet potatoes. A single of Heck’s preferred means to try to eat them is topped with sambal butter. You can both make your possess sambal paste with chiles, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, lime zest, and salt, or just mix one Tsbp. sambal oelek with a adhere of butter. As it melts into your potato, all your complications could soften away as well.

sweet potatoes cookbook cover

Kristin Teig

Reprinted from Sweet Potatoes. Copyright © 2017 by Mary-Frances Heck. Images copyright © 2017 by Kristin Teig. Released by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random Residence, LLC.

A different fantastic way to use sweet potatoes:

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